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Good morning all, hope you enjoyed the weekend, this is a shout out to Rob le Pest, who spent most of his weekend helping me diagnose a potential scary problem with capricorne beetle, I’ve only been in my new house for 6 months and am still finding my way with all things, finding recent evidence of possible termite activity was alarming as I’ve no experience with it and have heard the horror stories :grimacing: with his patience and expertise I think I can dial down the panic button a bit, :crossed_fingers: and he’s put me in touch with reliable companies that can help, thanks again Rob, much appreciated, it was kind of you to take the time :+1:


cheers @Ali

are you prepared to allow @Rob_le_Pest show us photos of your scary situation… as they might prove useful to others… it’s just a thought, and you are allowed to decline…


Morning Stella, yes he can definitely post the photos, it’s so worrying when you’re not sure what you’re up against, we also have a potential problem with merule, thanks to Rob, I know so much more about both than I did, so if it can help others glad to share :+1:

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@Rob_le_Pest when you’ve a spare moment, perhaps you could do the necessary … pretty-please :crossed_fingers: :+1:

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Photos attached as requested!

I’ve read the diagnosis report regarding termites, all negative. :smiley:
Petite vrillette (woodworm)
Grande Vrillette (Deathwatch beetle)

All noted, but allegedly treated before 2002.

I suggested the possibility of mérule only on the grounds of the blocking fissures in the wood, but a closer inspection would be useful.

20 years is a long time between treatments, I have suggested a couple of companies in the 24/87 Départements, both I’ve dealt with and speak English.

Surface spraying is usually sufficient. I’m not a fan of injecting; the result/extra protection in my opinion doesn’t justify the expense, usually around 120€HT per linear metre, then you’re left with ugly plastic plugs, in the wood, for the life of the building.

The quite often the French’s attitude is “the house is 200 years old, it will still be standing when I’m gone, I’m not bothered, so the grandchildren can pay have it done if they want”!

Thanks again Rob, I’m waiting for a diagnostic on Tuesday :crossed_fingers:

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