Multi Generational Family Properties for sale

Have you reached the stage when you are ready to make that move to France & you want to find somewhere to house your family & perhaps your parent/s? We have now decided to sell our lovely properties here in the beautiful countryside close to Sarlat. We have a trio of houses available - 2 four bedroom barn conversions & a separate smaller house. You could each have your own space & if you wanted to supplement your income you could rent the other house as we do. We are asking offers around 395,000 Euros for the 3 properties. Please either pm us or get in touch by e -mail on if you would like to discuss buying.Barn%20Back%20garden%20from%20Top

Possibly not Robert - I would imagine most folks on SF already live in France (?) so not a great place to ‘advertise’ your property.

Maybe consider Leboncoin , Seloger & Immo-Pop as good sales platforms?

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You’d be surprised! We actually have quite a lot of UK based readers.