Mummy Tummies

Hi everybody,

Just thought I’d invite you to join in a really great project to promote well being in mums. I represent Tots to Travel in Burgundy and the Alps and all the employees are mums who work from home, I recently received this email:

HI Ladies

A client of mine is out to prove a point. After reading an article about the 31% increase in mummy tummy tucks and ‘mummy
tummy’ being the latest body image anxiety, she wants to get as many mums as
possible to take a picture of their tummy and email it to mummytummy where it will be put into a gallery of other mummy tummies. The pics will be
anonymous. I have done it. Please can you do it too! We want as many tummies as
possible – with fat rolls, stretch marks, lean and mean, wrinkles, you name it.
We just want to show real mummy tummies to take the stigma out of it.

We’ll then be taking the campaign out to loads of social media and press to try spread the word – but before we do that
we need some pics to populate the gallery so people have something to look at
when we steer them there. So please help us out if you can and if you have any
friends who’d be willing to do the same, please ask them to do it too. Just to
make a point – we’re not trying to promote any particular product off the back
of this. Justina of Mamababybliss
is just seriously fed up with the pressure on mums to be perfect.

Thanks for your help – to take part just
email your pic to the email address above which goes direct to Justina who will
upload them.

It's a really great idea and it makes you really feel good when you realise that, no matter what - the extra bit you are left with after a baby, is the same shape - no matter what shape you were to start with!

Suzanna - we need one of you as soon as you are up to it!! You haven't posted for a while - anything to announce?

sorry - only just got round to reading this! Ooh I don’t want to scare everyone with my post operative tummy! I still have one bullet hole sized wound which Jasmine keeps pointing at & asking if its still sore. Bless!