Music:bands really want to establish contact

Good morning.

I want to fill my accomodation during April...unlikey...May...June and Sept.

Being fairly interested in ways to reach the right market I have decided that if

there is a chic wedding venue very close by then I will get clients to stay.


am not happy with FR/Sat/sun...AS NO ONE WILL TAKE the week days...EPECIALLY WITHOUT THE


So I have to create my own situation.

Carole is so right there are lots of places to rent and lots of B and B.
Many of them are 'HOME FROM HOME"

A wedding holiday needs to be special.

Being cheap does not pay the bills...

The more clients you accept the more wear and tear so I giving

my rooms for low rates is not an option.

So what was the option?

Find a very local chateau which is hungry to do buisness and help

them market their venue in exchange for have my rooms filled

first option...POSSIBLY providing a stunning bridal suite....WHICH


Horse and carriage to the venue 4km away.

Spoil the bride and groom with a champagne breakfast in the

vineyard or teach them to cook their fav meal in our kitchen

before they go off accross Biarritz into Spain for the rest of their


If you want to stay in buisness in B and B you can not stand still.

The ideas must keep flowing untill you find something really exciting.

That could be interesting....THE MAGIC.
Tell me what do you play/WHAT type of music preference
Where are you based?

I’m not a band though I do play/teach guitar & ukulele.
However I am a magician and carry an adult show (not blue but intellectual /adult humor ) as well as close up magic, balloon deco, and childrens shows in French and English. Im also a DJ carrying a 960w kit. My website is on my profile and my email on my website.

ah looking for bands to play at the propposed wedding venue.

If you can travle and you have a good sound there is possible accomodation

AT THE Venue.