Music help

classical music fans please

i have a hideous dental appointment next week of 2 1/2 hours duration for some root canal torture... thanks, as you all grimace... i had 1 1/2 hours last week, and while it was akin to water-boarding my main memory of it was boredom... i think i could take an iPod with me and try and drown it out (excuse the pun)

but i think i'd like something classical, beautiful, uplifting, interesting.

i'm not averse to choral, i like mozart, and requiem-type stuff? NOT anything with big banging drums

excuse my massive ignorance - but any help would be great!

(and feel free to ask about dance music from 1986 onwards!)

Thanks Teresa. Just happened to be digitising stuff like Isaac Hayes and Marvin Gaye as I work. I'll have a listen later.

there you go Brian, Greg Wilson is on the download for you
go to little dog discs, downloads,
sign in as
email -
log in - iamaguest

and they should be there for you!

enjoy x

When the present contract is finished, I shall go to face the chair.

I am always open to new music, so let it come...

have you heard of Greg Wilson? he's one of those eclectic DJs who'd appeal to you i think (and maybe the girls wouldn't hate it)

i'll create you an account on our site and upload some so you can download it...

but you have to promise to book that dentist appt

Haha, I have young daughters who know the little dog disc music better than I do, but I am an all rounder - I just had Frank Zappa and Frank Sinatra in the same order with Amazon to give good example. If I am awake, there is music playing in that room, often all four of us listening to something different to the other, incommunicado in our headphones. ;-)

Hope you can persuade the torturer 'root man'. I am due a visit and know I have major work pending :-(

Thanks guys.

Brian - i think that's absolutely perfect... thank you so much... you probably won't like any of the stuff on our site little dog discs but if you do, it's yours

x teresa

now i just have to persuade 'the root man' (honestly - that's what they call him) to let me listen

Mahler 5 Symphony, the Adagietto - it would go along with the anaesthetic, calm your nerves then carry you back out gracefully. Give it a whirl on YouTube to see.

Holst planet suite?