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(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1

I'd forgotten how long it was since we last bought any new music. My Ipod is out of action...hubbie killed it doing some sort of 'upgrade' and so things have been pretty quiet here.

For Father's Day, the little one and I decided to revert back to old fashioned technology & bought him 3 CDs...the new Katie Melua album 'The House' which has a some catchy tunes on it, we like, although not sure we are fussed about 'that moment of madness' track.

Jack Johnson's latest album 'To The Sea' doesn't disappoint, one of Daddy's favourite artists so this went down well. Hubby & daughter listen to Jack in the car on nearly all trips out together (apparently little one prefers this to The Wheels on The Bus!)

and the third of his 'gifts' was Amy Macdonald's 'A Curious Thing' which is almost as good as the first album & a good album to listen to for doing housework.

I've just seen that Kylie has a new album out called Aphrodite & has some of the best Kylie tracks since her 'Can't get you out of my head' days. Trouble is...there are no more 'Mother's Days left though as I've had two already (we celebrate French & English days of course!) so I guess I'll have to wait until my birthday in November. Ooh actually it's hubbies coming in in September, perhaps he'd like Kylie for his birthday...I'm sure he would, but he'll have to settle for her new album instead!

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