Mutuelle Reductions for Seniors?

Is anyone else being bombarded with invitations to reduce Mutuelle costs… something to do with Government paying for more things… ??

@fabien can you spread any light on this please…???

The changes to the way optical and dental cost are reimbursed perhaps? Fingers crossed, but we get very little spam or cold calls so not noticed a bombardment.

I’m being asked by other Brits… as well as having had a couple of cold-calls myself…

It will be interesting to know what is going on… and it suddenly struck me that I can trust Fabien to give it to us straight…


Hi Stella, thanks for the heads up… like Jane said it’s probably because of the ‘new’ 100% santé program that the state has initiated since January the 1st this year and that will run up until 2022. The problem is that during the lock down, many ‘sales agent’ have very little on their plate and are starting to widen the net or to resume cold calling which has been reported to the insurance regulator and various insurer’s union but in that context there is little we can do. Actually it’s funny because eventually, this is up to the CNIL in regard to GDPR to regulate that kind of ‘abusive’ practice or intrusive marketing.

I think that at the end of day, it’s the service you get and how happy you are with your current advisor/policy/agent that is the most important. Personally, I would not engage in a commercial relationship with some call center for any kind of high value added product like an insurance policy for example (but that’s only my view of course :wink: ).

Thanks for reading me so far :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Fabien… I know folk have been worried by the intimation that this is somehow government backed and that the opportunity to take advantage of this government initiative… ends in a couple of days… :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Yes unfortunately some are playing the fear mongers but you should carry the word around: If an information doesn’t come from the Mairie, the préfecture or one of the various ministries then it’s 100% certain this is fake news :wink:

If an agent is calling and tries to get you to believe they are selling something “state backed” or “that became mandatory” or whatever… simply ask if they are acting on the behalf of the state and if so may you see their “mandat”… they’ll probably either try to confuse you or hang up :stuck_out_tongue:


Brilliant Fabien… :relaxed: :hugs:

I make it a rule never to buy from cold callers - however good a deal it seems.


Neither do I… but you might be surprised how many folk do succumb…
if in any doubt, friends know they can ask me and I’ll find out what’s what… one way or another… (preferably before they have signed anything… but not always so…)

My standard response to phone calls is … I do nothing by phone… write to me if you wish… but … goodbye… :roll_eyes: and I never give my address/email…

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In the same vein, I received an email the other day from sécurité-sociale@service-assuré.fr offering me a remboursement of 498€ from the Secu. What?!! It went on to say there were some discrepancies in my account details and it gave a link to click on to send personal information. This was alongside other text you might normally expect to see on a Secu site. I sent it to signal-spam who, needless to say, classified it as phishing. Ameli has been warning about fraudulent/phishing SMSs, emails and phone calls.


We had many of these cold calls before our line went dead. It is supposed to be starting to be fixed by mid May, only five months after and fourteen other homes lost their lines.
I am hoping we have been crossed off the lists of many of these cold callers who have not had any reply.

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That is just ageist!

Personally I just never pick up cold calls, even though they sometimes hit 7 or 8 a day (I’d be forever doing it!) If the screen on my phone says “unavailable” or “unknown” instead of the caller’s name, I just ignore it. If it’s a genuine caller they can leave a message on the answer phone (very rare).
I then Google the number and yes, it’s usually a well-known harassing call.

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My version seems to be that I renewed with company that I actually hated so much I sent very formal letter via A/R to annule!! So suddenly I have 2 companies trying to take money every month. My head spins because I have multi system ALDs which Basic ally means CPAM pays 100% on everything except broken fingernails. So I am rude in 5 languages now.
Good luck