Mutuelle. Transition from employment to retirement

The question is directed towards people who have worked and then retired in France.
For the last 15 years my employer has been paying (in part) for my complementary health mutuelle (AESIO). I had naïvely assumed that I could carry on with the contract after retirement and simply pay the employer contributions.
Is this what other people have done? I thought it would save the hassle of “shopping around”.
But repeated attempts to correspond with the Mutuelle and employer HR have given rise to blocking/ignoring tactics, and I can’t even find out from them on what date the current contract ends.
I looked on the SF forum, before posting, and see that the more basic question is whether I should continue with a mutuelle (it seems that they don’t want my business)!
I hadn’t even done the calculations. I had had not one, but two cancer scares in 2020, so I had assumed that there was no question… but on the other hand there was NO dentistry during the confinements… I’ll do the sums!
Merci d’avance
Dave, Orry la Ville

Contact @fabien - very helpful. Or go via the drop down “insurance” in the black banner above.


Hi Dave,

Actually you’re not that naïve as this is indeed a possibility. It’s called the “portabilité des droits” and you can ask it to AESIO which will indeed carry on your “rights” but with a different premium (that you’ll have to accept or can deny of course).

If AESIO and/or your employer is not helpful then this complicates things indeed (especially if it feels that they don’t want your business as you say… never a good feeling).

Just rest assure that we don’t look for medical history in France so whatever your potential past claims this won’t impact future cover/policies.

You can also have a look at our offers in English if you’d like on Fab French Insurance

Thanks Fabien
In fact I finally received a reply from RH, and the situation is much better than I expected. I have the right to 12 months more mutuelle cover under the same terms (apparently free, though I don’t see this benefit mentioned in the convention de congé de mobilité). The Mutuelle will send me the necessary documentation, and I will have to send justificatifs…
So I can put off for (almost) 12 months, looking at your site, and making a decision!
Thanks again

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Hello Fabien
The response from my company was much much better than I expected, and sounded too good to be true. In fact it was too good to be true. The Mutuelle “radié” the old contract on April 1 and wrote to me a week later to ask for a justificatif from the Pole Emploi to continue the coverage. In fact I haven’t passed through the Pole Emploi. I have take retirement directly following Congé de Mobilité. My company now tells me that I don’t have a right to a year’s free coverage.:angry: Fair enough - if I had known a month ago.
I propose to ask the former Mutuelle for a quote, but more especially to get alternative quotes. Is using your website, the best way to access your services? What is a typical lead-time to start a new contract?