My accountant explained

The reason why your bank is taking liberties and charging for things you have never as ked for is

that they are depserate to take money from you to pay for their Greek problems.

And I am adding ....for their mistakes.

Sorry Bankers and Ex Bankers I do not agree with the underhand tactics which I have witnessed in

recent years. My money seems to be slipping away faster than ever with every month which goers by.

My prediction about London a few years ago when I left....that eventually it will become a place for

bank managers and the crew and the assorted gangs who engage in crime....little else.

Sorry if I offend anyone but even though my education is limited in comparison to many of you

my predictions are sadly, eventually ....often a reality.

But most aspects of London life develope a form of Cool and off it all goes inpregnating and placating

its bad habits as well as its wonderful art and artist thinking.

After all it is about power.