My Art

Since I am not shy in the least, I am going to share a little about my art along with photos of my art, per James' suggestion.

I am posting images of my pastel paintings. I work in pretty much all mediums, though. I will post more of my art at a later date, in the different mediums. I don't want to bore the pants off everyone imediately. :)

All of these pastel paintings are 60.96X45.72 cm in size. I use various brands of pastels; Rembrandt, vintage Grumbacher, Girault, Daler-Rowney, Great American Art Works, Sennelier, Unison, Schmincke, and now I have started using Diane Townsend, Terry Ludwig, and one Henri Roche pastel. lol Henri Roche pastels are VERY expensive but I got one to try in a pastel sampler set. There is a pastellist joke I will share. "When do you know you have enough pastels? When you run out of money."

So, now that I have made my stab at comedy, I will share my work. Some of the photographs aren't wonderful. I need to get my photographer with the good camera (I still use a point-and-shoot for digital photos at the present. It is adequate for wips.) to come take good photos. Anyway, before I ramble on ad-nauseum, I will tell you the titles of my paintings.

The first is "Bathtime Bonding".

The second is "Acacia and Molly". (My daughter is my favorite model. Rather like Berthe Morisot and Julie.)

The last is "Fruition of Frustration". It is a self-portrait from long ago when I had an argument with my then-husband before I even combed my hair, and locked myself in my studio to release my anger. Art is always good therapy.

Looking forward to seeing them :-)