My best friend - le bon coin

Many of you know that OH and I are going the whole hog and changing jobs and house at the same time, every thing's interdependant, if we can't sell the house, we don't have the investment capital for our new venture, un tabac, we're also unemployed with no state aid as I'm an indépendant and she's on a sebatical to start the business. Well it's been a year or so in the planning, found a buyer in the spring, then finally decided on which tabac presse to buy, compromis de vente signed all round. Everything cushdy, banks want to play ball and finance the project, three fighting over us for our business, agrément from the douanes and acceptance at la française des jeux. all going to plan until our buyer's mortgage is refused, no problem she knows someone who can get one. I speak to the broker 6 weeks ago sho assures me she'll be able to place the dossier and get the mortgage. 6 extremely stressful weeks later (was meant to be 2!) and our buyer phoned up yesterday to say she can't get a mortgage anywhere despite being a very well paid fonctionnaire.

That phone call yesterday afternoon left OH and me almost suicidal - we've rented our new house, the kids are inscrits in their new school, the buraliste we're buying from has signed for a tabac in Nice, everything's organised...! Anyway 25 hours later and I'm a little bit more positive. I haven't been able to speak to either of the three banks to see if we can sort something - they're all on holiday! as is the business agent!! Instructed agents to get it back on the market and drop the price - done. And then of course I revamped my advert on

Well the add was approved and online at 9 this morning and I now have three definite viewings! One from a couple who have sold in Paris and want to come to the Aveyron. One from someone who wants to leave the Hérault for the quality of life here and another who wants to leavethe Var for the same reasons and has sold too!

Yes, OK, I can hear you all saying "but they"re just viewing, not offers". I'm fully aware of that but it's a start and gives us hope that we can keep the whole thing on the road. I'll be able to get some answers from the banks on Tuesday to see if they will still proceed if the house is not yet sold, mortgage not yet paid off and we use private backing to cover our investment... on verra bien !

Nightmare for you and the family! Do hope that now - almost 2 weeks later - there has been progress, of a positive nature!! I feel for you and hope that it all works out (and quickly!!) :-)

I sold my apartment in New York myself on Craig's list, after it was listed with a broker for two years. I loved the apartment which was half a block from Central Park on the Upper East Side, but a new building went up right next to my windows and blocked out not only my view but ALL my light, as I was on the second floor. Impossible for me to stay there as I am an artist and work at home.It was a lovely apartment that I had renovated, but the agent kept describing the place to potential buyers as something with possibilities, suggesting major reconstruction instead of pointing out its charms. Point is that all you need is one serious buyer, and if you love your home, you are the best person to sing its praises.

Oh Barbara how lucky you are. We went to St Emilion it was my favorite place while we were there. Lovely area.

Well put our place on Leboncoin and so far have had one request for a house swap with someone in Libourne...and another person asked us our exact address....thats it so far! fingers crossed you have more luck.

I live near St Emilion.

Have a look and see how green it is.

Maybe you could rent for a few months to see how you like it.

There are people around who will rent a small house and pool...FRIENDS of mine

will be offering their place.

LOL Barbara yes I have to agree this area was not for us. Not sure why it just did not grab me. Scenary wise, I love contours and water and hills, not a lover of the coast,

Sheila - I wish we could rent first however, we will need to try and get up and running as soon as we can. We live in rural Sussex in the UK so looking for similar situation - but not too isolated. Ah wine might have to go and pour a glass of st emilion that I brought back with me! As you say France is such a large country and their is so much choice...

Blaye is not the place....SORRY to anyone who lives there but...a little dull

Our area is really pleasant 33890

And no doubt you will get many suggestions, Tanya! France is a big country, and you are right to do your research now. I've said this before on other discussions but it is really a good idea to rent first for a while and see if it's for you. We spent our first winter here this year and now that we've "done" all four seasons, I feel we can cope - i.e., city folk living in rural South of France! We are inland but only 30-40 mins from the Med, in a great wine producing region steeped in Cathar history. Love it!

to be honest early days. We have just come back from Gironde region Nr Blaye, Saugon. But that area did not really attract me, not sure why. We are planning to move end of 2013, I am taking early retirement from NHS so will have a small pension we will need to supplement that, with - hopefully rental income from a gite, so the area that we look at needs to attract tourists, however i feel it must attract us. we are up for suggestions

Lol. Well, no humiliation Tanya - after all, how did I learn how to do it? :-)

Enjoy the cuppa and the research - what region(s) interest you (being nosy)?

oh the humiliation LOL we are going to have to live near you then because it is working.Languedoc, .i think its because I had the translation on not sure but thanks sheila.. off to make a cup of tea and have a long session of research.

It's working fine for me. I select my region (Languedoc) and then from the drop down menu, I select "ventes immobilieres" and up comes a list of 50000 listings. You can also narrow it down to the town or village you are interested in.

Hi Sheila. yes the blue map click on an area and then i get shoes, bikes, chairs for sale, when i try to narrow search to houses (real estate) it just goes back to the blue map... I will have another go feel stuid because i have no issues using web sites etc.....LOL

Hi Tanya. Are you clicking on the map to select your region of interest?

i have been trying to search for a house on leboncoin - but i find it not user friendly i am obviously missing something. when ever i search for a house the map of France comes up, search again ground hog day and the map comes up


Many thanks Elaine ;-)


I can only add my best wishes on to everyone else's. There is so much good vibe on here for you, it's a clear indication that you contribute hugely to this forum. I for one, am grateful for your advice and worldly knowledge.

Hope it all works out, I have no doubt you are a survivor, and bless your extended family for rallying round. People are really great when the shite hits the fan, and we forget our own agendas for 5 minutes.

Best wishes, and wishing you full recovery from the bike incident too.

Many thanks Carol, and I hope you have sone success soon on your place too ;-)

well lots of viewings is sure it will come good for you are a positive person and Im sure that has an effect! ;-)