My client needs a bilingual gopher in the Limoges area

(Christi Bishop Vergez) #1

Hi everyone,

This request was posted earlier this week as a 'translator-interpreter in the Limoges area'. However, it does not need to be a translator-interpreter necessarily.

Here's the type of person I'm looking for:

- someone perfectly bilingual in English and French

- preferably someone who is used to dealing with French administration

- someone who lives within a 30 minute driving radius of my client who is in Compreignac (post code 87140) and who is willing to drive to my client's home to sort out French papers, post them to French administration (example: RSI), or physically take papers where they need to go (example: Prefecture in Limoges).

- most likely, you would only have to provide this service twice a month (you can discuss your prices and payment directly with the client)

If you fit the criteria above, please contact me via this website.

Best regards,


(Tony Marsden) #2

I can almost certainly help with this, and I have sent you an e-mail via the address on your website.

Tony Marsden

(Christi Bishop Vergez) #3

Thanks - for the moment, no one has contacted me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

(Kirsty Snaith) #4

I'm glad you've clarified this - I suspect the fees of a professional translator/interpreter would be something of a shock! I hope you find someone soon!