My fabulous French teacher needs an opportunity!

Hi All,

my fabulous bilingual French as a foreign language teacher, (based in Lille but able to work very effectively by phone or video call) is looking for new work opportunities.

I can wholeheartedly recommend her and she would be ideal for translation as well as teaching jobs. Please PM me for her CV and grateful for any suggestions of companies that you know may be looking for people!

Thank you

Clothilde is very effective both by Skype and by phone and provides high quality exercises and support material.

As for pricing, I cannot advise on a personal basis as she was employed by my company on a Professional basis. I can only suggest that one of you contact the other (happy either way) and work something out.

She's very friendly and straighforward to deal with however.

Hi Danielle, sorry, missed your message, could you give me some details of how she operates, costs etc. I would prefer a teacher on a personal basis, but I can't find anyone around here, the one guy who was hopeless wanted 20 euros and hour for about 30 mins....I ended up helping him with his English....

She would like to follow up - could you PM me some contact détails? Otherwise i'll send you her email address.

Ok thanks Dannielle...didn't realise you were on ....cheers

No problem, Robert. I'll check what her current status is and get right back to you!

Hi Danniel, I'd be interested in her details, I've been here nearly three years and still can't find a teacher. My neighbour is wonderful as are my chums at my cycling club and cafe', but I need to get my noddle around the grammer, any info you are able to give would be very welcome,


Robert Carruthers

Thank you! Good suggestion, she's going to go with that one.

There's a site called superprof she can advertise on for free. If she's ready to work with Skype, I-m sure it will snowball quickly!