My fantasy

A superb jazzer who's also beautiful!

Nice one, I wonder how much of the influence of Bird is in there. OK, so he was about 20 when the film was released but what was there at home? My OH has Paris Blue somewhere among the CDs, although I cannot honestly say I have ever listened to it. Jazz and blues were my early teenage music which is extraordinary given that several of my contemporaries locally became well known folkies. I only came to like folk later on but folk rock where several jazz musicians found shelter never did it for me.

Strange how conversation goes Brian....talking about bassists and junior...have a listen to Kyle Eastwood,...."Go ahead , make my day"!

I know Dan as a jazz musician. The Clopton folk rock days made his money but talk to him now and there you have jazz still running through his veins. Dan junior turned to jazz after the Hawkwind days even. Family business I guess.

Danny T is the best acoustic bass player I've come across, he is so versatile. Apart from Pentangle, the stuff he he has done with with Richard Thompson is awesome. His contributions to the Celtic Connections progs were really good.

But Danny took a bunch of us to Ronnie Scott's (the old place) to see Charlie Mingus. Bill Wyman (using a bass with frets borrowed there) and Dan jammed in on roughly 40 minutes of Stormy Monday. Been a Mingus fan since. Tubby, wow, yes bring on the memories, same school. He had the same music teacher as me, whereas I took up cello. Dozen years apart, but met him through Dan a few times. Dan was a Mingus freak, Pentangle and Mark-Almond after left me a bit cold too. Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen - yep, with Kenny Drew, at Ronnie's too and we had the trio up in Cambridge a few times as well. This woman is up to standard though... plus gorgeous.

Suppose he was OK, Brian, and he played with Tubby and Ronnie, but the Pentangle days left me a bit cold. I think the best bass player that we've had in the UK is Dave Green, then Andy Cleyndert of the newer ones. Have you heard Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen? He was special.

I could challenge you on this one - if I was younger, single and oh so more ;-) Danny Thompson, a mere 74 year old now, mentioned her a couple of years back. He is no mean bass player himself. Given that Dan 'nicked' one of my great loves way back I consider his taste pretty good, this lady has music too. I like her Brazilian influences a lot, gets her more points... So, your fantasy, my fantasy but fantasy I reckon nonetheless.