My foot this morning!

Following the foot operation (which I will post more about shortly) the cast had started to stink a bit. It had only been on for a week (of 12). The nurse decided to change it today, and this is what she found!

just can't resist... a friend of mine on facebook just shared this pic - sometimes things are so perfectly timed....

That is great news.

to be forever known as the James Higginson diet - I am curious after 2 weeks how you will be doing - keep us posted. Hopefully your weight loss will coincide with the recovery of James' foot :)

Excellent idea Rosemary!! Maybe we should ask James to build a special section on the site for images of SFN member's rotting bits ,and then charge a small fee for using them as a diet system.. Slimming world?? Weightwatchers?? Eat your heart out. (But obviously not if you have just looked at an ex pat's gangrene)

It;s fine, the scars on the foot have healed, the fungus is dead, I would know as I would be able to smell it! The bone graft scar is improving, not great yet but it will be within a few days!

Lovely Steve, you coming over for dinner then?

Laughing out loud at that!

I agree with Jane .... take care of yourself and each other !

Sounds gross I know, but having been trying to diet for months - have now got your 'foot' as my phone screen saver so that whenever I find myself going to the fridge, I just look at my phone:):) Thank you James you have done what no diet Guru could................. Hope you are feeling better!

James I am so jealous …you have your own private cep farm on tap as it were…lovely with just a bit of butter and garlic lightly fried in a pan …you know when it’s ready as your foot will start to burn…remove foot from heat and place it in your mouth and suck try to avoid the toe jam though, a bit tart without sugar…more recipes on my home page having yourself for dinner…

ha ha, Celeste, I am annoyed you got your cheese comment in first :)
- just when you thought the french didn't have another type of cheese....
But seriously, hope it is going well, James and I agree with the others that the foot needs air - can you bore some holes in the bottom of the cast?

James, I am horrified and you say that the bone graft has problems as well. I would put Catherine onto the infection control people at the hospital and get them to do their job properly.

Manuka honey is excellent for infections, but it does have to be applied directly.

For myself, I would like information on the pros and cons of having the cast on versus clearing up the infection.

I hope it clears up soon and we are thinking of you.

I wasn't hungry anyway...

Just emailed you Don, thanks.

James please send me your email address. I need to send you two files privately and the reply to your email just bounced.

If thine eye offend thee Anne, pluck it out!

sound advice Steve but where will James find a decent 'scrubber' on a sunday ?

just a thought like !

As luck would have it jut been reading up on mold removal from dry walls …the same would be for feet scrape off with an abrasive old Brillo pad and apply a a good coating off pure bleach scrubbing in well …should do the trick…always here to help…

my God it's horrible !!!! .............and the foot looks petty bad too !

seriously mate it looks painful, hope you get it sorted vite fait !