My friend needs a job ASAP

Hello All,

I have a friend in Paris who needs a job within the next 3 weeks. He does not need to stay in Paris, but would like to stay in France.

The situation is this: He needs a contract job (I think that's what he calls it.) His green card expired while he was married to his ex-wife and living in Venezuela. He is Lebanese, but as a Catholic does not want to return to Lebanon. He apparently has all the paperwork together for the next step which is for someone to hire him.

He speaks Arabic, French, Spanish and passable English. He has worked in restaurants, catering and groceries. Has a French drivers license. He would be an all-around great handy man too. He is very neat and clean, almost to the point of being OCD. He is very friendly and loves to talk to tourists so he could be very helpful for a small hotel.

If anyone has an idea, please call directly to

Sam at mobile: 06 489 35 644

Thank you.

Thank you Zoe. I will send him this information.

The hotel I work in right now is not taking on, but where I work in winter is set to open soon for the summer season, and might be looking for staff for the bar, resto, or reception.

Here is the number, and ask for Mr Ruphy (prounounce ruffy) he can say he knows me (just say Zoe who works for him in winter)

The hotel is Hotel Carlina, and it's in La Clusaz, Haute Savoie. 74. Always worth a try. I also know that most hotels and bars around Annecy, and the lake will be taking on around now for the summer season. i hope he gets work. it's just a case of being given that first one chance, and then he'll get work easily.