My friends are all so different to each other

I wondered if it is just me who has this problem.

I have 2 friends whom I wish to invite to lunch and I wanted to

make it up to six...there are several other people I wish to invite

but they are all so different and the ages vary a great deal too.

Sept is still a time for client's visiting so there are moments here and

there. October is a the main month for visits from friends in distant


I find with bigger parties that you do not get to chat to anyone as you

are hosting.

Are your friends so different from each other?

yes good idea...a nice mix of people...

will make a great gathering.

A little diversity can go a long way. If all your guests had the same interests, opinions and lifestyles, conversation could be a little predictable. Guests from different age groups can also learn from and entertain each other as perspectives and experiences can be so different. My friends are from different countries and backgrounds and have different life experiences and I love them all. Of course, there is always one I had thought of as a friend who then proved to be otherwise but such is life.

Go ahead and invite people you like - if the room is full of mutual respect and friendship, it will be a great lunch.