My introduction

I suppose the reason for being in France is very similar to a lot of other folk out here, wanted to get out of the British rat race. We sold our UK house quicker than expected in February 2007, got our 2 dogs and cat innoculated and passports updated. Bought a caravan, filled it with everything we would need initially, hooked it up to the car, said our 'Farewells' and headed off into the unknown.

We eventually found the house we would buy in May 2007, and began the renovations, living in the caravan in the garden whilst all the dirty work took place. A month after we began my husband found Employment with a French company (which we now know is quite unusual). So he left me to take care of the trademen and organising of the work.

We are lucky to have had friends who helped us, but as with many others, fell foul to some 'P&O tradesmen' but I won't go into that, too depressing.

7 years on.......I love it here, my husband is a little less impressed. But we both know that there is no way that we would have in te UK what we have here in France. We have achieved a lot in 7 years, both self employed individually, have some great clients and friends, but it has not been easy to build our business here. But through a lot of hard work and determination we are getting there slowly but surely.

However...we are now thinking of a new angle to the business, normally things would slow down at this time of year, but we are looking at ways of seeing more of France but at the same time earn some money to tide us through the long winter months. So if there is anyone out there who needs some extra pairs of willing hands, we are a very adaptable couple, have a look at our website, where it will give you more idea as to what we do, and about us as a couple. We'd love to hear from you, or any ideas you may be able to offer.