My little Harvey

Hi everyone,

Not posted on here for a while as it's been a bit chaotic at my end.

As some of you may know my husband left me and the kids over 6 weeks ago and we are surviving but its been a bit of a shock.

Anyway it looks like he will be going back to the UK (currently living with his parents near Perpignan) very soon.

I want to stay here with the kids for the time being as we have nowhere to live in England.

In June we jointly as a family bought our little Coton de Tulear Harvey and he is gorgeous. We only got him because my husband works from home and we thought there would always be someone here for him whenever me and the kids were out and about.

Anyway I'm having to leave him quite a lot at the moment because I have to get the kids out and about to see friends and just to distract them from whats going on really as they are not coping very well at all.

I have thought about rehoming harvey but the kids just have a melt down when I mention it so I don't think that's an option at the moment.

What I wanted to know was if we are going to be spending time in the UK visiting their dad etc does anyone know of a dog sitter in the Aude region or Herault or anyone who would like to come and stay in my house for a week at a time (Conilhac Corbieres, inbetween Carcassonne and Narbonne). I'm desperately trying to find alternatives to finding him another home. I don't have much money either so a kennels isn't really an option, not that I would want to do that to him at such a young age.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

Gill and kids. xxxx


That is a fabulous idea- both for looking for a sitter and for a way to see different parts of France.

We have one old dog here (and lots of house plants to be watered- lol). We live in La Camargue. When I travel back to the States I'm usually gone for 2-4 weeks. My husband's family lives next door in the Mas; Mom feeds her, but then Snoopie gets lonely. I'm also thinking of getting a new dog to keep me company in the house. Snoopy is very old and mostly sleeps. I need a little companion as I have recently moved to France and I'm on my own a lot while my French husband is working. I want a small dog. Snoopie is a lab, and she's wonderfully sweet, as well as a good guard dog. But I want someone to cuddle. If anyone hears of a small dog that needs a home, I'm interested. I don't like to buy from breeders.

Also, I would be happy to dog/house sit for someone as a way to see a new part of France. I work for an American company, via my computer, from my home. So with Internet i'm transportable!


It’s something we have just discovered… we put our advert on line… we have six cats, a pig, one large dog and 10 chickens and our house is fairly isolated. We have received quite a few replies. Some as mentioned above and some from people who are happy to use your home as a base to explore local areas whilst looking after your animals. All I would say is if possible meet them beforehand and take up references… and a search on-line is always a good idea! We found our regular house sitter through the Connexions Newspaper six years ago and she has now become a good friend and she enjoys using our house and pool whilst we are on holiday but alas she is not always available…

That sounds fab Paule.

Gill xxx

Hi Gina,

Thanks so much. My email is

Gill xxx

Thanks for that Paule - we always have problems if we want to go away so that might be ideal for us too! Cx

Hi Gillian I have a friend who might be able to help. Send me your email details and I will get you in touch direct. They are already booked 15th Nov till 14 Dec and then in January but might be useful to you anyway. But they only Dog Sit. Gina .

Normally people do it for free or a very small charge for expenses.

Hi Paule,

That sounds good. Are they pricey?



Try We have found someone to sit for our animals and home at fairly short notice. I had quite a few replies from people living in France who wanted to try and see a different area. I was able to meet the person who applied to look after our house before we went away which helped.