My new UK passport has just arrived

I used the new online system (with selfie) and it was almost painless. The passport cover is still the expected burgundy but my word the pages are decorative - works of art even. I guess that’s why they are so expensive!

And I do like the “Please remove this label” sticker! :laughing:

But no “european union” on the cover? I got a new one 6 months ago and was upset to find the words missing…

No, no mention of the EU anywhere. I don’t even think any of the lovely pictures have an EU link (though I wouldn’t swear to it, there are people and places depicted that I don’t recognise)

I was lucky - had to renew mine in 2018, so I have burgundy and ‘European Union’ until 2028. I should have my French one well before then, so I guess I’ll escape the ‘little England’ version entirely!

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