My temperantal mare is playing up again

Hi,I would like some advice from all you horsey people

I have had a 8 year old mare for 4 years.Over the years there have been several behaviour problems which have been dealt with and recently all has been running smoothly.She is in livery stables where she is out all day and stabled at night.I usually ride her 4 or 5 times a week.The work is varied.I go hacking a lot and we work in the "carrière"Until recently I've never had any problems catching her.With all the cold weather we had recently she wasn't ridden for nearly 3 weeks and it's all gone to pot .I can't catch her.When she sees me coming she will come to me usually trotting but when I try to get hold of her she prances round me in an arc,snorting,tail in the air etc and there is no way I can get close.Then after a while she starts galloping past me with her ears back and I feel very threatened.She even reared up in front of me yesterday.

I 've asked the owner of the stables for help and he manages to catch her.Once all this business is over she's fine to ride and behaves herself superbly.

Has anyone got any ideas on what is going in her head and advise on how to eradicate this?

Hi Suzie

Fantastic! So pleased it is working for you both! Lovely to get feedback, I try and sell only stuff that I know works, but one is never certain it works for everyone.

Bon continuation!


Hi Rebecca,

Just thought I would let you know how I was getting on.Well the Hormonise seems to be working wonders.My bad tempered,ill mannered moody mare seems to be turning into a little angel!

For the last week I've been able to catch her without any problems.When she sees me coming she stands and waits (I think it's the piece of apple or carrot she's waiting for but no more bad behaviour!)

On thursday we had a brilliant jumping session.She loves jumping but she often gets a bit too over excited about it but this time she stayed very calm and patient.On Friday we went for a ride in the woods,at one point a deer leapt out of the woods in front of us,well she just kept on trotting as if it wasn't there!

Brillant!Let's hope it lasts!

Brilliant! Go Alpha human!

Great result today, Alpha human 1 Alpha mare 0

Of course I will have to see what tomorrow brings.....but at least there is some progress.I managed to show her that I was in charge and after a bit of prancing about she accepted the halter.

The parcel arrived this morning but as I wasn't in I will have to go and collect it at the post office

Many thanks

Should be there today! Hope all goes well with your mare, the reason you have a recurring problem after she is off is because, once and alpha mare, always and alpha mare! Hope the Hormonise helps a bit.

Thank you Rebecca,Yes she is very much the "alpha mare" and the various problems I've had with her in the past have been about this.I thought I'd resolved the problem but obviously she thinks otherwise.I will put your advice into practice tomorrow and hopefully there will be some progress.What really gets me is that everything was going fine and then because of the weather I feel like I have to start all over again.

I haven't yet received your parcel but the post is a bit slow round here!

For whatever reason she is trying to intimidate you, she is obviously of the 'Alpha mare' type and wishes you to behave better as part of her herd! If you really do feel frightened about catching her at the moment I would get the owner of the stables to catch her for a few times, hopefully she will settle down as she gets back to her normal routine, she will know you are frightened and this never helps the situation! When you do resume catching her avoid eye contact or staring at her and standing square on to her, however, if she becomes aggressive, you may then turn to face her and boldly step towards her, making her back away, basically you are doing to her what she would do to you, you must prove to her that you are the Alpha female! At least she is behaving when ridden! Good luck.