My top 10 tips for writing your ad on facilitutors

  1. Be enthusiastic, sell yourself. I know you were brought up not to boast but as long as you’re honest, tell the world what’s special about what you offer and makes you different from your competitors.
  2. Your introduction needs to be really catchy and excite people to click on the “more” button to read more about you.
  3. Talk to the people reading your ad as if they are your new friends. Avoid passive or indirect phrases eg don’t say “all materials are provided”, say “we provide all your materials”, don’t say “students have full use of the studio”, say “you can use the studio at any time”. Use “you” and “your” and” I” and “we”.
  4. Say who you are, your experience, relevant qualifications and where you’re based.
  5. Tell them what you teach
  6. Tell them who you teach - age and level of ability, any particular groups you aim at eg business people.
  7. Tell them how you teach – small groups, one to one, bespoke teaching, using games.
  8. Tell them where you teach – is there a studio, a workshop, a garden?
  9. Tell them what’s included – materials, workbooks, meals, transport to airport and what’s not.
  10. For residential courses tell them what facilities there are, what style of accommodation you offer and what kind of food, if you use your own garden produce, don’t forget to mention it!

    You can upload your ad via this form

    This was written as part of Nikki Pilkington’s 30 day Blogging Challenge #30dayblog. Here’s Nikki’s website

Thanks Barbara! Good luck.

Great advice. Going to attack web site and put this good advice into practice.