Myeloma cancer

Hi, my name is Christine Goodger and I was diagnosed with myeloma, a bone marrow cancer in Feb 2017, six months of chemo then stem cell transplant and now chemo until next April. I live in the Poitou Charente dept 86 Vienne, I am trying to find anyone else who has myeloma so we could chat.

Hi Christine and welcome to the forum.

You’ve actually come on through another Registration (Dennis Goodger).

It certainly sounds like you’ve had a tough time… I do hope you find some forum folk to chat with…


Yes sorry I am not registered myself Dennis is my husband and we are having a tough time, I am just so worried, Brexit deal or no deal. My health cover is with my husband as he is AE but he has not done much work as he has been looking after me as I had two broken vertebrae but I think they are transferring the ayant droit will this be done automatic then to confuse matters I will receive my state pension next July so if the S1 form in still in use I will have to transfer again but I cannot a break in my treatment and need my carte vitale still to work.

No problems, Christine - If you don’t mind, I can put Christine in your husband’s Registration as a User Name for you.

@james will this be OK.

Christine - sounds like you need some calm time. We are all in a bit of a state, thinking about Brexit and all that will/might mean. Whatever is worrying you… we can talk it through and hopefully help just a little.


Incidentally, cancer treatment will not stop, no matter what - you are in the system and you will be taken care of.


If you want to find english speaking support then see if there is a local group here

If you want to find a local french support group then ask the Ligue contre le cancer helpline

I hope that it is all behind you now, and you can move forward solidly.

Thank you, maybe my healthcare will not be effected and hopefully it will be straight forward, I just need thoughts of other people who have been through the same thing

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Entirely agree - french doctors have same ethical standards and would not stop treatment no matter what a bunch of idiotic politicians do in the UK.

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Yes I have been in touch with cancer support they talked to me in the early days but when you are in remission they do not contact you so much, thank goodness I am in remission at the moment don’t think my French is good enough to ask the French helpline everything has gone pear shaped since all the treatment but I am trying to improve

Because I am part of a trial that is why I am still chemo although through a bone marrow biopsy they cannot detect anything

Poor you… never had chemo myself, but family and friends have been through it… hang on in there. :hugs:

Hello Christine,

Like you, I have also had chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant due to Lymphoma diagnosed in Sept 2016. I wonder if like me your treatment is done at the CHU in Poitiers ?

I would be happy to talk with you if you would like, or alternatively you could talk with my wife if you would prefer that.
I have been in complete remission since April 2017. There are quite a lot of adjustments to be made regarding the new ‘normals’ of post chemo life, but overall it is definitely worth it.

The good thing is that folks like us have a brand new immune system so at least we probably won’t catch anything else nasty.

As I say, I’m happy to talk here by private message, by personal email, by phone, or face to face in person if you like.
Don’t worry too much and you’ll be just fine.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very best wishes, Robert.


Y‌es Robert my treatment is at Poiters, where do you live I am near Civray, we are going th Spain for 10 days tomorrow, it would be good to talk when we are back we return late on the 21st my phone number is 05 17 34 13 61

Many thanks



Hi Christine
I have just come through myeloma multiple . Bone marrow cancer here in France
You can e mail me


I have sent a reply to your private message.