Mysterious Volkswagons!

Can anyone help us out!!! We live inbetween Narbonne and Carcassonne on the Nationale N113.

When we're driving on the Nationale we always see a group of about 5 volkswagon golfs driving in convoy. We've seen them go in both directions and it's just baffling us as to what they are doing?? some are 66, some are 34 and some are 11 !! very strange.

May sound silly but it's driving us nuts. What's it all about, where are they going, who are these mysterious golf drivers????

If anyone knows anything, put us out of our misery!!!!


Gill xxx

ps. They always have their lights on!!???

They're not going fast and they are close together?

I have actually thought about following them too!!! Think I might end up doing just to find out.

Thanks John, keep thinking.

Gill x

Think I would follow them, but then I'm sad like that.

If they are travelling in convoy with lights on they could be military or police training in unmarked cars. As even the police over here have stopped using unmarked cars with military number plates. It was always a give away. Are they close convoy ie far to close together for speed going?

Used to get the police training on the motorway near me in the UK one lead car pushing the rest of us into 2 lanes and then 2 other cars following at a less than a cars gap between them travelling at very high speed. Fun to watch how efficient they were at getting through the heavy motorway traffic, would not have liked to see the consequences of someone not seeing them and pulling out into the third lane though.

Hi John,

Everytime we go out, which is most days!!

Really weird.

Any ideas?


how many times have you seen them?