Myths about France

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the response on the Britain and EU thread. I think the debate is still going on.

We are putting together an article for The to try and dispel some myths about France, I.e. the Top Ten myths about France kind of thing.

Whether its the reputation of the people being rude, or the food being great, or the lifestyle being less stressful...

Thought you all would be well placed to comment...

Looking forward to hearing from you.



I think that if you are trying to set up a small business in France, it is much harder than you could possibly have thought.

Having said that, it is still possible to win against the fonctionnaires. I will say more when I am in an official position to elucidate.

All french food is good. All too often it is boring, the same menu again and again and regional food seems to aimed at the tourists, who are only here for a week or two.

You do need to speak french before you come to live here. This is really true!

Having said all this we have been welcomed into our part of southern Burgundy and have made good french friends.