Name change on maison secondaire

Hoping to get some help with something I know absolutely nothing about. My sister has purchased a vacation home in Burgundy and she and her husband would like to take their names off the title and put the house in their children's names. I live in the Gard and she has asked me to put her in contact with someone who can help her do this. What I need to know is, well everything. Is this a notaire issue? A lawyer issue? Does she need to talk to someone local (in Burgundy) or can I find someone near me? She doesn't speak a word of french and mine is limited unless it involves ordering a meal or a second glass of wine. I guess I just need to know where to start. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and joyeuses fetes!

What she's probably looking for is the "donation avec reserve de usufruit". She hands over the title of the house to their children whilst reserving the full right of use of the property, and what's in it, for themselves untill they eventually will die. Their children then become official owners of the property. But be ware, there are sometimes heavy tax consequences.

If she simply hands over the title then the tax consequences are even worse.

In both cases you don't need a lawyer but a notaire is indispensable as he will take care of the change of titles in the registers. Suppose he will also be able to give an idea on the tax impact this has for both your sister and their children. Best is to go to the notaire that at the time handled the sale of the house to your sister. But any other notaire should also be perfectly capable of dealing with the issue.

Whereabouts is it in Burgundy, I think one of the notaires where we are in Burgundy speaks English.

You need to speak to a notaire on this - they're the only ones who can deal with a title transfer but they don't have to be where the house is. Can't help with an English speaking notaire, mine only speaks French but there must be a whole load of people on this site who know one if you get stuck.

Bonne chance !