Name on the deeds?

As most of you know, Flo and I are about to sign on the dotted line on our house in Carmaux.

My question is this:

With the Brexit situation as it is, would it be better if only Flo’s name appeared on the deeds as owner (or doesnt it work that way)?

My thinking behind this revolves around a potential (theoretical) increase in taxes for second homes for 3rd country nationals (ie ME!). Flo, being French, would not be classed as a 3rd country national.

Ideas? Thoughts?

Think each situation will be pretty specific Carl, I would consult your notaire on that one, good luck :+1:

As Bill says… talk with your Notaire… but, in the general scheme of things…who knows what the future holds for any of us…

We have no idea whether or not the Tax increase will be very much… and NOT being included on the Deed might end up causing more trouble than it is worth…

Over the last 20 years, I have been involved with 4 families, where NOT having a name included on Deeds at time of purchase, caused big problems later on.

Nothing to do with Brexit, 2 were deaths, 1 was divorce… and 1 was family break-up.

There will doubtless have been other instances… France is a big country… :wink:


Somewhat different… I recall an instance… when the Purchaser asked for Son-in-Law’s name to be added to the Deed at time of purchase … this subsequently proved an expensive mistake, when the family quarrelled … ooops :unamused:

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as said by others, have a chat with the Notaire.
When we bought our house in 2009, I could have paid cash for the full amount, my loving OH said she would like her name on the deeds 50/50 so she would be covered in any eventual situation, though stating my demise. Ok fair enough, “fine” I said. “You pay for half”. She got a loan from the bank & is buying half the house.
Nota: We each earn roughly the same per year. A year later we Pac’sd (civil union) to sort out other inheritance issues.
Keep thing simple as I can’t see even the French tax system going to the lengths of dividing housing taxes on who is French/European & if there is a Brit thrown into the equation, though saying that I maybe wrong?

Hi, I assume you are married or PACsed; in that case , unless you have children from a previous relationship, it might be a good idea to put your wife/partner into the acte as owner outright, or possibly- 100% holder of the title (nue- propriété ) with yourself as 100% holder of the life-interest (usufruit)-if your wife has no children the property would be yours outright if she should die before you,
. The proportions of ownership in an “indivision” are at the choice of the purchasers , regardless of who pays most or all of the price.
If you are not married , or PACsed, or there are children from previous relationships , to protect both parties , it might be best to buy 50/50. A will or "donation entre.époux"would be necessary.
You need to discuss all the options with the notaire.