Name the kitten!

Today saw the arrival of a new member to the Higginson household, a ginger Tom. We need a name for him before the kids call him Fluffy or Stripey or something similar!

Here he his doing a spot of moon walking!

Meeting Lafayette and Barrabus

What should we call him?

Thanks James!

Hijack to your hearts content Lynn! I've fixed your link by the way, well spotted Doreen :)

Thanks Doreen - I'm always doing that!!

Hi-jacking James' post, if you really want a kitten like this one, we have many !!!

I want that kitty! Looks like I'm too late with my choice--Bambino. He may have to grow into his "Dexter" handle.

No he looks like Charlie! Who is seen here playing football withthe kitten, and is presently sleeping on my bed! He is the best of cats, even the vet says so!

I feel another blog coming on, "silly situations your animals have put you in" I'll start it later!

How they CAN grow up and still stay a kitten mentally! My dumb Jonks!

Looks just like my Jonks - hope he's got more brains.

Clever Dexy - already 'logged on'!!

The final a decision has been made. Meet Dexter!

What about Mezcal?

Good one Rob! :)

You Khan't call him Genghis...

Looking like Eric, Genghis or Dexter!

In which case, Celeste, Jerry and Bruce, I congratulate you on the depth of your sense of humour. Truly remarkable.

First thought was Caramel, but I see someone else already thought of that.
'Gari' is a type of pickled ginger in Japan
'Zing', from zingiber officinale - this would be my pick :)

Good one Bruce. I took it as a joke. Just a funny play on words.

Aw, c’mon Rob, it was meant to make you purr with laughter, not arch your back and hiss, you big pussy!