Name your top ten TV personalities, just for fun!

Being a bit bored while my OH is away & I am stuck in the house with no running water for the third week, I thought I would list my top ten TV totties & thought it would be fun to find out who tickled the fancy of other SFN members. This applies equally to the ladies as well as fellas! My OH never misses a show hosted by Philip Schofield, who, apparently, gets better with age.

The rules are simple. Pick your favorite TV presenter, news reader, weather person - anyone who is NOT an actor/actress, basically.

Being a shallow bloke my top ten are all female & are on the list because of their looks, so, in no particular order...

Nazaneen Ghaffar Sky weather

Carol Kirkwood BBC weather

Carol Vorderman everywhere

Pollyanna Westwood The Gadget Show

Polly Evans BBC South East News

Bryony Mackenzie ditto

Sophy Ridge Sky news

Nigella Lawson (think she cooks or something)

Kay Lomas UK Border force, Heathrow

Amanda Lamb A place in the sun

Now it's your turn!

( I wonder who will be the first to call me sexist...)