Nanny Housekeeper scam

Anyone else been approached by a guy claiming to be needing a nanny/housekeeper?

This guy contacted me through an add on another forum - I have contacted the site who have blocked his access - but they did no more - so I have contacted others advertising for work and some had also been contacted.

So do beware - if you think something sounds too good to be true - it usually is!

Guess I won’t be getting the dream €800 a week job then!!!

C’est la vie!

well according to the ip address Nigeria!!! Is that now a French department in the Poitou Charentes?

The worst thing I find, apart from the poor people who have been taken for money with this scam, is the fact the police don’t want anything to do with it - friends of mine were subject to losing many thousands when their hot tub did not arrive - the man and his uniform, with his company van and all his official paperwork, office and website were all false - and the police said - oh yes we know about him!

Surely this is just fraud, theft, call it what you may, but these people are criminals and ruin people lives.

where is the 800£ job lol lol be very careful !!! you never know !!!