Nantes cathedral volunteer now back in custody

Sadly that smacks of outright racism…

I can only agree Jane.
Izzy x

Sadly I have to agree

the personne responsible for “locking up” the cathedral, has been released without charge… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That is good news Stella. Thanks for the update. Shameful that he was detained at all.
Izzy x

It’s dreadful that he was detained at all…one could presume it was yet another case of “look for the nearest black man”. It seems that he has had a traumatic past, and being taken off by french police probably won’t help his recovery.

One would really have thought that the police would be a bit more careful right now.

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The gentleman who was detained, is a Nantes parishioner. He is a volunteer, who was responsible for locking-up the cathedral on Friday night. (the fire was discovered early Saturday)

He would have been the last person in the cathedral the night before the fire, which is why he was brought in for questioning and detained while investigations were made…

Subsequently, he was released without any charges and without a blot on his character.


Seems like they were doing their job.
If I had been the last person on the scene, I would expect to be required to “help the police with their enquiries.”


I’m not sure how it works in France but in the UK you can be a witness without being detained or ‘brought in for questioning ‘. In fact if you did start detaining witnesses you would probably find very few people who saw anything any time


Precisely! This was heavy handed at best. Questioned - yes. But detained - no.

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Not just a witness, but the last person known to have been on the premises.
They quickly established his innocence.
But what if he had been guilty and had gone off and set light to another building?

I am totally amazed that a volunteer was responsible for locking up such a precious monument.
Surely, one of the Cathedral staff should have been charged with this job.

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Volunteers play quite a large part in everyday life… :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:

I know they do, but it is a huge responsibility and I can see that the way that this poor chap was treated will not help getting other volunteers.
It is the case that that the last person to lock up, whatever their colour, would be the prime suspect, just as husbands are if a wife goes missing.

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Not necessarily

@Eddie “Not necessarily”. :thinking::roll_eyes:

Come on, Eddie! Not necessarily WHAT? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The person locking up ,or the husband of the missing wife won’t necessarily be ‘ prime suspect ‘. The circumstances will be looked at closely

@Eddie, you’re making progress! :+1::hugs:

I counted about fifteen alternatives in @Jane_Williamson’s post where “it ain’t necessarily so” that… :joy: