Narbonne, friends and martial arts!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Just wondering if anyone else lives in or near Narbonne? My French is what would be best described as basic, certainly not good enough to keep up with fast paced conversations, and I'm missing my friendship group back home!

I'm working on the French, honestly!, but in the meantime, a bit of like minded company would be rather good.

Also, if anyone knows of any fitness classes in Narbonne, martial arts, boxing, dance and the like, where they dont charge you the years fee at the start and where you can just pay weekly, id love to know where and when they are.

Ta very much in advance and maybe see you soon.

Hi lindsey,

Enjoy the english weather which is not much worse that St laurent at this time. I am still not in St Laurent but hopefully the last piece of my jigsaw will be complete by the end of this month and i will be in the deriliction. Yes when you are there we should all get round the dinner table and get your boyfriend to teach us french, i certainly will be trying very hard this time to manage without resorting to English raising of voice to be understood.

Hope you enjoy back in UK and see you soon.


Hi sheila. Thank you so much. Im back in England at the moment enjoying the weather, but when im back it'd be nice to meet up.

hello ross.

i know your gallery. During the summer, when i worked at Jardins de st benoit, i was living in the old school house and passed your gallery everyday. Im not very wordly wise when it comes to art, but if you need any help with the renovations, let me know. Although, in all honesty, im hoping to be far too busy being employed by then to ba able to help!!!

My boyfriend still works in st laurent, so a visit could definitely be arranged and would be really good. He might even be able to help us with our french (he's french) he doesn't help me on my own, but maybe with a bit of group peer pressure, he'll crumble!

Hello Lindsey,

Happy New Year to you too!

I live in Narbonne, let me know if you would like to meet up?


Sheila, thats ok i am sure i will be in the village by the end of January just waiting on a car to be repaired here in the UK and will then be off.

So look forward to meeting up.


Hi Ross, I got your message a while back. Sorry if I didn't reply. Looking forward to meeting yo when you get to St. Laurent.

Hi Lindsey, I'm in Lagrasse, so only a few minutes away. You are more than welcome to come over for tea/coffee any time. My number is 0468 49 30 57.

Hi Lindsey, I'm also in St Laurent de la Cabrerisse as of the end of this month and similarly my French is at low grade. I own the derelict pile known as gallerie EcosseDoc !!!!!!!

I will be renovating the large roofspace and opening the art gallery again with an idea to run it as small art cafe, so will be trying to get people to come and talk about art and other things when it opens in April.

So when i do get to St Laurent then we could maybe get together with some friends i have in Narbonne and talk both French and English.