Nasty little unseen creatures munching my home

Help! We need somebody’s help! not just anybody’s help … as the song goes!
It appears that something has been munching through the A-frame timbers and purlins in our roof rooms, which have everything exposed?
Any advice please?
Specialists you can recommend? or those to avoid…
We are between Tarbes, Trie-sur-Baise and Lannemazan, Midi-Pyrenees

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Welcome Darrel.

You need to get in touch with this man. Just click on his name here @Rob_le_Pest and you can send him a message.

Applicateur3D - the only qualified British Pest Controller in France


It’s a shame there appears to be no British Pest Controller active in the UK, controlling BoJo and suchlike British Pests…


Hello, thanks for the recommendations. Tarbes is a bit far, please PM me with an email address and we can discuss, I’s sure I can find a competent Frenchman near you.

Regarding BoJo there are products available but hindsight woud say read the instructions and put a cross in a different box!