National service to be reintroduced

I think our local caserne has about twelve but we only have three appliances. I’ll go back to whitewashing the coal now.


Perfect substitute for Scouts! no uniform required, teaches consideration for others. Since the elderly population is increasing with longevity we need more civic responsibility.

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I think it might encourage some of them to make something of their lives. So if it only gets to 10% of them that is 10% more than before. It is very easy to look at negatives instead of positives.

They will be trained and as most of the french military as not actively at war how will they get in the way of the professionals?

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Program set to start in 2019
The program will be done in two parts. The first part lasts for about a month and requires participants to live together as they “develop a culture of commitment to strengthen their place and role in society.”
For the second part, the young people will be encouraged to a voluntarily commitment of at least three months. During this time their activities could be related to defense and security in the army, police, gendarmerie, fire service, or civil security; accompanying and helping others; helping preserve national heritage or the environment; or tutoring.

Put part of it in bold. Think this part covers being helpful

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I don’t regret my 3 house rules Bill…my ex bought my son a moped when he was 16 against everything I said…he passed his driving test not long after and got his first car much to my relief…it has made us all very aware of youngsters on mopeds (in fact all on two wheels)

I know the thread is about conscription in France and I apologise for drifting between the two…I guess it’s difficult not to sometimes…I remember reading about mandatory conscription and one of the countries granted exemption to families who only had one son…seems like if you have two three or four sons then you can afford to lose a few…???


In peacetime, I think Families with one son… were exempted for a number of reasons… in rural areas, because the son would be helping on the farm… …that sort of thing…

Of course, in time of War… everyone has to do their bit…whatever that might be.

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Goodness how would you feel about how they do it in Switzerland?


the young adults get to choose what they spend the second 3 months doing from what I understand. Its not compulsory military service but a choice of many aspects. the first month is social skills.

how do they do it Switzerland?

Hi Harry…

I was replying to Helen6 … and I was referring to the Conscription into the Armed Forces in times gone by… :relaxed:


I hope you live up to your promise, Harry. Such promises are easy to make in theory, and much harder to keep in practice.

I was a disappointment my father, who lived for football and fishing. I had no talent for nor interest in either. My father thought I was a “pansy” and was ashamed of me. I remember him saying, “You’re no son of mine”. I was about eleven. I loved him, but it destroyed my faith in everything, and I still live with the consequences aged 80.

When you parents think your sons (and presumably your daughters) would benefit from military apprenticeships, think how you might react if they called you a warmonger. They might, and why not?

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Switzerland irritates me Vero…they claim neutrality whilst providing cover for the bank of international settlements…x :slight_smile:

:+1: I appreciate/understand, all you said there Helen :slightly_smiling_face:

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see my son is able to do things he wants to do, he wanted to do karate so we let him. my wife put him in drama and music which he hated so i told hims straight if you do not want to go you do not have to.

My step dad who was for all intents and purposes my dad to me, gave me guidance but left me to make my choices and never once did he have to physically punish me nor did he want to. He was and always will be my role model for my children.

They are not military apprenticeships only there are several areas the teens can go. My son was only talking to me tonight about about his education and taking over my business when hes big enough. He is very interested in how my business runs and helps me every weekend and in the mornings. He now wakes up before his alarm clock so he can be the first down stairs to see the dogs and let them out for their business. (i am always awake listening) but I let him take the responsibility and let him think i’m asleep. his next little job as he calls it is to bring me my morning coffee.

I will always be there to guide and offer advice to my children in all of it. I will not interfere unless it is absolutely necessary.

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:+1: Great!

I don’t question your integrity, Harry, nor your right to bring up your kids as you see fit.

Be prepared for your kids to surprise you, to change, to challenge your values, and to take you to task for your assumptions about them. They surely will, Harry, they surely will. You brought them into the world but they are not yours. That’s a lesson every parent has to come to terms with
and it’s a hard one, but it can’t be avoided.

They say with truth, “The child is father to the man”.

see that is the thing a child is their own person. each person is an individual. to challenge my values? nope their values will be there own I just hope I can guide them on a right path.

I have no assumptions of my children, my kids know they can do chores and note it down for the weekend pocket money or not do them. My son does jobs but does not write them down as he wants to make sure we do not spend too much on his pocket money. Th other day I went in and saw the figures for chores had been changed. put dishes away changed from 50 cents to 20 my son told me he felt the money was too much for the chore. My children are their own people and often people forget that.

The army is everybody over 18 and under 35, they all do 2 weeks of military training a year and keep their weapon at home. Compulsory for men, voluntary for women.

I think the only country in the world that doesn’t bother with some form of army is Costa Rica but then I suppose they have the US who will step in.

Another country with mandatory conscription/National service…

think it should be compulsory for everyone in this equality day and age unless medically unable to do so.