Hi all,

I’m a bit confused about our situation and wondered if anybody can shed any light on it for us.

Both my husband & myself hold British passports, our daughter was born here in France on Christmas day 2010, as of yet she hasn’t got a passport. I was looking on the British Embassy website for any information, Is she classed as a French national and therefore gets a French passport or does she only get a British one??

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Both my girls were born in France recently too, Jasmine in 2009 and Izzy in November 2010. I sent off to the British Embassy in Paris British Embassy Passports and you need the C2 child's application. A child's application I think is 97 euros you may also have to pay for the courrier 18 euro for your documents being returned. Are you also registering your child's birth at the same time with the British Embassy? If so that's a further 125 euro for the registration and 77 euro for the certificate, plus courrier fee.

I've done both of these for my girls as it may make their lives easier in the future should they decide to go to university or to live/work in the UK.

I wrote a few blogs on my experience about this process in the past as I had a couple of problems with the service...very slow. I found a way to expediate it so might be worth you having a look through my past blogs.

Good luck & hope you have a better experience than I did earlier this year. At least now your baby is 11m old it can keep its eyes open for the photo & with hands out of the way. Mine was photographed at 9 days old - that was tricky!

And for anyone who is in a mixed nationality couple (my kids were born here in France and my partner/their Mum is French) they obviously have French nationality like any other French baby at birth BUT they also have British nationality too (I’d heard rumours that the EU had decided that only one EU nationality could be held but once I checked things out it isn’t, or wasn’t the case 4 years ago. My kids only have French ID cards as they are free. I was shocked at how much it was going to cost to get UK passports for them so didn’t do it!)

Thanks guys, That’s what I was hoping for !!!


Hi, please send me details on how you fast tracked the process. Thanks

Do you realise this is a post from over 10 years ago and things may have changed?