NatWest likely on its way for non residents

Our account and other non resident offshore account holders are in for a nightmare situation.

Having been told to leave IOM re other topic HSBC, I have been in conversation with Nat West off shore ( as I know others have that are in our same situation) , and have been told yes we can open an offshore account as long as £25000 remains untouched in an account, but he said within 18 months it was very possible we would be going through the same situation again as we and others are experiencing with HSBC.

There is a group of us chatting together and we just don’t know which way to turn. Quite frightening.

We spend 3 to 4 months in UK and need access to sterling . A shock to know many are in our situation.

Perhaps a light here…

This link is a BBC article that speaks about HSBC new policy of no offshore clients unless resident on offshore island.Born in the UK We then were resident for over 35 years in IOM and therefore when we came to Live in France we kept our IOM account and are now being kicked out! But now perhaps more banks are taking this up.

I am led to be believe there is no legislation in the UK that prohibits aUK bank in giving an EU resident an account , it’s just the bank are too lazy for the paperwork.