Neal's Yard organics in France

I am a Neal’s yard consultant here in South of France and would like to connect to other consultants over here just to gain overview in how you doing the business here and for self-employed therapists in providing treatments using the products, i suppose you’re required liability insurance too or any other insurance to offer facial and massages? Also information in registering as Auto-entrepreneur if it is necessary to do so immediately even if you’re not making any income from it yet?

I don’t know about your specific activity but regarding registration as a micro entrepreneur, you should register as soon as you start your business activity. You cannot legally advertise your services until you’re registered, or at least started the registration process, and presumably you need to start advertising yourself before you sell anything. Hopefully the income is not far behind :grin: and if money starts coming in before you have your siret number and a business bank account set up ready to receive the money you’ll find yourself in an awkward situation. I don’t know what paperwork is involved but a paper trail that starts with transactions (orders, invoices, receipts, whatever you have) dated prior to the official start date of your business isn’t ideal.