Nearly became an illegal immigrant :)

Very bizarre at Cherbourg yesterday. Got off the boat, followed the car in front, as you do, and the signs for “Sortie/Exit” and found myself ….….… at the exit.

No sign of a frontier post or PAF officer and no stamp in my passport.

Decided this was probably not a good idea so swung round and went back in to the terminal where the Brittany Ferries staff found me a border official who stamped me into France (after checking I had actually just arrived on their crossing).

Odd, that’s never happened before (although if there is a way of misinterpreting a sign or direction from someone controlling traffic I usually manage to do so).

The “car in front” didn’t bother and went on their way as far as I could make out

Wonder if they will have problems when they come to leave France.

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Do you have a carte (titre) de séjour? I have one and never know if I need the stamp or not when coming back to France! Maybe so one can prove one is here sufficient time to keep the TdS?

No, I’m not resident.

Were I resident with a CdS I’d probably just have shrugged my shoulders and carried on.

As for whether you *should* have your passport stamped if entering on a CdS I think the answer is “no” but it doesn’t always happen that way as discussed elsewhere on SF.

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If you are a full-time resident here with a legla carte de séjour you don’t need stamps. And people do get exercised when their passport is stamped, but for residents it doesn’t matter either way.

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Thanks Jane!!

What do you mean by “exercised”?



Ah, a euphemism I wasn’t aware of…

How would the French border control know where they entered the country?

They wouldn’t - but normally there’d be an entry stamp from some  Schengen border, lack of which could lead to some questions I guess.

Maybe they had a CdS - British plates though so maybe not.

I didn’t say that they would have problems - just that I wondered  if they would.

You would expect so now.

They’ll probably lamp down more on border control irregularities once ETIAS and , especially, EES comes into play.

Though with the serial delays to the project that might still be some time off (currently slated for 2024 I believe).

Middle English (in the sense ‘application of a right’): via Old French from Latin exercitium , from exercere ‘keep busy, practise’, from ex- ‘thoroughly’ + arcere ‘keep in or away’.

Not necessarily. It comes from middle english…old french…latin, exercitum and about exercising of rights. So you don’t have to be angry just concerned that your rights are being messed with.


Cherbourg is a bit hit or miss, seemingly dependent on any given day when the PAF are present (or not, in your case). We went out to Dublin through Cherbourg end of July and came back through Cherbourg end of August. The port is undergoing a range of construction / réaménagement works (presumably in preparation for the Etias start date) that don’t always make it very clear where people are supposed to be heading… in our case, we were checked on the way out and the way back in, and despite having WA-CDS, we were asked for our passports as well (not stamped).

When we did the same crossing in May, the PAF didn’t even ask us for our passports, just waved us through as I shoved our CDS out the car window.

Me, for instance.

As a holder of a permanent TdS I know it doesn’t matter, but a moment of distraction (my swing tag fell off the windscreen) at Cherbourg back in June meant that the border guard snuck a stamp in before I had time to protest. Yes, I had handed my TDS over, in the photo page of the passport, so they had no excuse.

Ending up with stamps in my passport just rubs in the nonsense of brexit to me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I rest my case :rofl: :rofl: - in your case, a most definite miss, in ours, gold standard.

UK plates but Irish passport - like me?

Looking at the Google Maps imagery I’m wondering if the old “exit” booths have been removed and they are using one set of booths both ways - if you look at the streetview images taken from Bd Félix Amiot there is a queue of cars clearly exiting the port and queuing up to the grey booths, I must have run along the old exit road.

If you start with the satellite images you can see some blue roofed booths there but as you zoom in and it switches to streetview they disappear.


But your Crit Air Sticker remained in the right place? (after @John_Scully) Sorry to all for that, but it’s definitely infectious

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