Need a hand with some marketing please


I am creating a couple of new advertisements for SFN and need a nice catchy slogan to go with them.

If anyone can help with that I would be most grateful, what we need is this;

A slogan that when seen by someone unfamiliar with SFN will immediately understand what we offer and why we are different to our competitors.

1. Maximum 10 words

2. Encapsulates the spirit of SFN

3. Appeals to broad spectrum



Like France?

Get Help.

Okay, I know this subject might be dead already, but I've got one more for ya, James:

Like France? Get Help.

me- it was more brighton art college then the architectural association where everything was lower case or packing case stencils as favoured by le corbusier- no wonder nobody can read my writing

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions and advice, most helpful :)


Ron's got it all in one... thank heavens - Typography is not dead. Caps are for short sharp cross heads and not easily readable in long strings. In the hallowed halls of Worthing Art College we obviously heard the same clarion call... (I bet our handwriting is even similar)...we read in shapes created by upper and lower case type... just like Janet & John, Ladybird books... so that's the way to present whatever you want people to read... simple

Always get the gen

Best of France on SFN

The English Channel

The English Connection

Friendly support for everything France

In France. In English.

Surviving France in English

Nurturing your French life

Just about everything you need to know about living in France.

The best advertising is both funny and enigmatic... making you curious enough to find out more from somewhere where the space exists and is cheaper...

...contd. I think if you are contemplating a list of 'Benefits',

it should be just that, a list even bullet points ( indented of course ).

You could contrive an 'in outsized quote marks' an endorsement....much like a testimonial.

As a not so cynical active ad man... I think it might be better to be less creative and more clear. What do you offer visitors? Why do we come here? We want support, answers, conviviality, a sense of community. If you just explain that, without using too many superlatives, I think you might get the best results. An old fashioned advertising adagio, but still very true, is that the client wants to know one thing: What's in it for me?

Need a hand?
Got questions?
Welcome to
Survive France Network
The friendliest
online community
for anglophones
living in France.

This is why I think the list of words (live, love, etc.) is much better than the 'vivaviously vibrant' habberdash. To throw in some more advertising cliché's: The truth well told. and Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Leonor- what do you want to know? Can I help at all?

Lots of good words, but I must be getting middle aged, I can't assimilate the information before it changes. On the list, would it work better [i.e. be easier to assimilate] if all the words were verbs or nouns, rather than a mix?

Robin can you reinstate your photo please? Thanks.

Use the one with the fewest words - like the two word and gap - easier to read.

I still feel the word "Survive" is the mistake. One survives "public school, a stroke, heart attack, stroke etc" But who cares - your numbers suggest it really doesnt matter what you call it so long as the content is good - and it often is!

And by the way, i'm quite new on SFN, and I'm kind of puzzled how to use it, and your ad doesn't really answer it either....

Hi, I was wondering if we could see it in blue? ( nice one Chris! ) Pressure's on! 48hrs, get the coffee on!

David's point ref the Burka is disconcerting, but valid...get rid. ( the graphic ...not David ) There is too much going on. We are agreed that there is a negative connotation with the word 'Survive' although I feel that the separation of the 'VIVE' element does much to alleviate this.

A strap-line, in my view, should be succinct...other wise it would be a testimonial. I would go for say,


( as in there you have it ) which reconfirms the sentiment in the 'Logo'. If we are talking alliterative how about:

Virtually Vital

Varied Viewpoints

What ever you run with I would not use Uppercase as per the word NETWORK I would use Upper and Lower to differentiate, and allow you, perhaps, to make the strap slightly larger.

I find the list too long.... too many things means too much, too messy! may be focus on the main points only!

I kind of prefer the screen with virtually....

Is it one or the other or blinking like here? The blinking is cheesy. ;( Sorry.

lol Chris!

As a cynical ex ad-man...always beware the well meant comments of others. Also... usually through gritted teeth, endure the client compromise and, what I used to call the chairman's wife syndrome... "My wife quite likes it... but can we see it in blue? It's her favourite colour"!