Need advice about resolving incorrect utility bill!

Hello all,

I am hoping someone may be able to give me advice...

I am relatively new to living in France, although not a newcomer to France by any means.

I received my bi-monthly gas/electricity bill for the sum of € 1058.00 which caused my mouth to fall open - my first bill after moving in was € 55 and my second € 48 - I live on my own and use few applicances...I am mostly not at home!

I discovered that the initial readings from the re-connection were exactly the same - for gas and for electricity - clearly not possible. My daughter and her partner own the apartment, so we have no lease/official documents witnessed by notaries etc...

So far I have had no success with getting this resolved, neither has my son-in-law, a native to France, so language is not an issue for him.

Today I will locate an office and take my information in for a face to face conversation...

However, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have and any information about appropriate consumer service organisations etc...

Thank you!!

Amanda Frost

Update: after numerous calls which included being told there is an English language telephone service after all, you just need to ask for it (I did - more than once or twice, believe me!) I finally received a letter with an apology for their mistake and a new amount, to be followed up with a new, updates invoice that same week - 2 weeks ago now ;) it looks like things have moved forward! Now all I need is the updates, corrected invoice!

Did you use the médiateur in the end? When we followed their procedure our problem was solved within weeks, after dragging on for 18 months beforehand.We abandoned Dolce Vita after the fiasco, and are now with Poweo. I'm not convinced they are any better. Good luck.


Hello we are in mid January and I just finished a 'customer service satisfaction' online survey in connection with the still ongoing process to resolve my GazGDFDolceVita incorrect invoice issue :(

For those of you who may need it, the GazGDFDolceVita number to call is 09 69 32 43 24 and be sure to ask for English speaking customer service agents - they are there, even if you are told there is no English speaking service available - I finally got hold of one today!!! And he was great :) the best contact yet, both on a personal level and regarding practical next steps. He also checked my online file and told me, from what he could see, things were slowly moving and that it was clearly their mistake.

I had sent copies of all my documents, at the end of November, by registered post - if you need the address - to:


TSA 60801


Just before Christmas I received a muffled telephone message to apologise for my concerns and to assure me the problem was being resolved, that it was their error and I would hear something in a couple of weeks...which I did - a new bill for 1,534 € via my online account!!!

And 2 days ago a letter telling me if I didn't send a copy of the document that shows the correct reading within 6 days my file would be closed and the matter referred to payment claims...

Hence my relief to speak with the man today who reassured me and told me what to do...the figures needed are actually very clear on the documents I sent it...

So I feel momentarily helpful that things will move forward in a positive way.

Hope the telephone number and address may be of help to some one else with any issues with GazGDFDolceVita.

Will keep you updated and happy weekend to all.

latest update: love the idea of the English language help line, if only some one would answer...after holding the line for a long period, the recorded message says try again later and cuts off! I have tried it numerous times at different times of the day and no luck! So have put together all the official documents with all important items highlighted, including an 'exit' checklist from the previous occupant/Foncia real estate agent that clearly shows the final reading and illustrates the mistake in the initial reading when my power was reconnected, together with a letter detailing each step along the way and sent it registered/priority post.

I await a reply and will update you for the benefit of any others who find themselves in the same situation.

I also posted a request for assistance on the Suez website but have had absolutely no response!!

The has good information and if I don't get a positive response, I will forward my douments directly to them - they state that a copy of all documents with covering letter regarding issue must be sent first to the energy provider by registered post and after receiving the initial response, then consumers can send the same documents/letter of claim, registered post to the mediation service.

Will update this string as my little saga unfolds!


I have found the name of the "ombudsman" organisation:

They gave us good advice.


We had a problem with our gas/electircity bills from 2008 to 2010. It dragged on for 18 months. There is an "ombudsman" for the utilities, but I can't remember the exact details. However, the whole thing hinged on sending your complaint "accusé de reception". They just ignored all emails, calls, letters until we did the registered letter, sending a copy to this "obmdusman". In fact, the registered letter is standard for everything you want to query or complain about in France. It really does work! I suppose it's fighting bureaucracy with its own weapons.

They did eventually sort our double billing out. Good luck.



Thanks for this info. It is in my telephone number book jic.

I was going to say it could just be an estimation, but, reading the comments, I think we've been had too, the first two bills were about 250 each (winter, electric heating, the alps), but the next bill (summer) was about 450. I just paid it.....they have to reset something??

obviously this looks like the problem. Jeez, who needs to re-set counters these days.That should be all digital.

Oh - so great to get some positive feedback so quickly!!!!

It has lifted my spirits and I will follow through with the English language line - that is very helpful.

My son in law is super busy and stressed, so I do want to complete this myself and this gives me hope. I usually can resolve these things quite easily - onwards and upwards -and thanks for the assistance ladies!

I had a similar shocker bill last year - just shy of 2,000 euros.

EDF were very helpful. And were in total agreement that there was no way that a person living on their own with no central heating, dishwasher etc.... could use so much power.

Pull out your previous bills and take those with you to your meeting.

In our case, they sent a man who checked our meter. Then they discovered they had not reset something at their end / found 'a bug in their system'. Anyway - whatever the cause - they sorted it out and my next bill was a very comfortable 60 euros or something.

Am sure it will be swiftly resolved for you.

Is this an estimated reading or an actual reading.

When you go to see them take your reading with you.

Bonne chance.