Need Advice: How does Yank register 1977 ALFA Romeo imported from USA

Please help me understand what I need to do to legally register an old Alfa in France that is being shipped over from USA. I have insurance- that's not a problem.

Not sure what else needs to be done.

Contact Alfa spa in Milano for official vehicle specs for 1977 models?

Go to Control Technique for inspection?

I just don't know!


Nice easy question. I just emailed somebody in the next village who has a couple of MGs, a Morgan (there I am green with envy), a Bugatti, a couple of Rovers and Alfas plus who knows what else. He is a quite well known French vintage and veteran car collector. He gave me this website: which will answer your queries, however since he does not speak English he does not know any English language sites that might help. He says that this site will resolve all of your questions.

Have a look at FFVE online. As its over 30 years old it should be straightforward as a Vehicle de Collection.