Need advice towards e-commerce transaction

Dear All,
First of all, i am honoured to be a part of France.
Concerning with mentioned subject, I have ordered online groceries from one of the e-commerce website. Normally they are committed to deliver the stuff in 3-4days. However I have ordered my groceries (which were must for me & my family) on 13October2021, on 26Oct I received an email that delivery partner tried to deliver the order but I was not available at home. Which was truly surprising for me, as me or my family are available at home all the time. They didn’t drop any letter for collection as well. For this I followed up with respective company, they said they will check with delivery partner & let me know. Meanwhile I also contacted their delivery partner & understood that parcel can not be delivered as it is damaged. The main grocery company was not aware of this, which I brought it to their notice that this is the situation. Meanwhile I was going through mental harrasment with one of their representative as well, who was mentioning that 98%of their customers are happy with their service & I am among the 2%.
I contacted support team their answers were like we will deliver it but when GOD KNOWS. Finally they asked me to cancel & ask for refund however now I don’t want to cancel it but I want my things to be delivered & to add penalty on the company as well as a compensation of this mental torture. I am not sure whether I am thinking loud or not. But kindly looking for advice of you experts here. Till today I did not receive my order & Groceries are basic needs of daily life which I already mentioned to them.

Thanks & Regards

Cancel the order, tell you credit card company to cancel the charge and move on. Life’s too short :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Sir,
I thank you for this advice & also I appreciate your approach towards life. This is how I also think & feel to avoid any useless hussels in daily life.
However I have been following them up from many days & there is no option to cancel the order online. So I am helpless here & just to wait for their reply or to take any such action. I am very new to France & came here for my job. I also do not like to have any issues but somewhere it has to be closed from both sides. One way following up approach is not good. I was about to file a complaint here:
But I am not sure whether i should, or i should not. Not sure how effective it will be.

Thanks & Regards

You should be able to cancel the credit card transaction. Even if it has been paid out the card issuer can claw it back. It’s one of the big benefits of using cards online, though I have had my Bank claw back payments in the past too.

Just phone the issuer and advise them that the goods have not been delivered and they should look after it from there.