Need day labor construction workers near Montolieu/Carcasonnne

I would like to hire competent laborers and construction workers near me during the summmer. Is there a site to find competent help

What statute do you have? Being an employer in France can be quite complicated.

Otherwise your best approach might be to register as a CESU employer and look for someone that way.

I’ve never used these guys but I might try them in the future.

I’m in the middle of quite a big (150k-ish) project and it’s impossible to jolly things along as the backlog due to Covid is enormous. I’ve one or two guys onsite instead of the four or five it needs to get the work done in a pre Covid timescale. My poor contractor is trying to keep every job on the go and he tells me that if I was looking for a quote today he’d be penciling me in for 2023 :roll_eyes: and I suspect for a different bottom line. I’m laid back about it, it could be worse, for example bloody Strawbridge could be phoning me every week to see how I’m getting on building a pond we don’t want :grimacing:

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Thank you. I also was told to go on the ;Le Bon Coin and WhatsApp by the guys at Enterprise rent a car in Toulouse. these have brought some good leads.!

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