Need help tagging a reply to original post - a 'how to' place?

Hello - Is there a ‘how to’ place where I can find out how the site works?
I posted a reply, but it was meaningless without a link to the original post, and I can’t see how to do that. A place for such questions would be very helpful I think.
Thank you.

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Hi Ann… welcome to our happy band. :relaxed:

if you click the grey “reply” (to the right, under the Post that interests you)… a box opens up for you to type in your Reply… then hit the blue “reply” at the bottom of said box. Your Reply will appear at the end of that Thread but will link back to the Post to which your Reply actually refers…

Aha… I see you have already discovered this, in the meantime… never mind, it explains things for anyone else who is wondering… :upside_down_face::thinking::thinking:

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