Need help with your French? Here it is


Today, a quick post to introduce you to a fellow blogger, Géraldine Lepère from Your vie en rose. Geraldine is a brand new member of the SFN community. Géraldine provides advice on life in France and ready to use French phrases.

As you will see on Your vie en rose, she offers lots of free content: via videos and PDFs, with extra bonus features including complete 20 minute lessons. These are on practical subjects such as:

How to chat with your neighbours

What to say in French on formal occasions

What to talk about at the « machine à café »

How to buy lingerie in French

Essential phrases at the boulangerie

3 rude mistakes 95% expats make - and much much more... Check it out.

Geraldine has kindly offered to prepare a 16 page PDF for the SFN Community with tips on how to integrate and a recently published article on Shops in France. and I think she will be a great resource for SFN members.

Good luck!


PS: Check out Your vie en rose here. And click here to download your PDF.

Registration closes at 5pm this evening, hurry if you want to take advantage of this course. You'll need to sign up today!


Try, web site plus emails about three times a week. Words, as well as defined, are usually in a sentence on a audio file.

Registration is now open and includes a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, I think this represents good value for money. There are only 40 places available and if you sign up now you can take advantage of the 100 euro discount. Click here to see the new video and sign up now!

Looks interesting, but how do I deal with my accent? My son gets mad with me and makes me say one word (whatever the word of the moment is) over and over until I get it right. Have tried to explain to him that I don't have a musical ear and my mind is saying one thing and the mouth something else!

Market forces should prevail, these businesses are not charities. FNAC is not a local shop neither are many of these big stores owned by shareholders. They buy the material dirt cheap in the Far East and sell at top price in France. I do buy my groceries, fresh produce etc and small items from local shops but for books, clothes (especially for children as they add TVA to children's clothes in France believe it or not) I buy from the UK. 60-100 euros for a small pair of shoes for a child - really is that acceptable?

To have the price of anything fixed by the state smacks of communism. Deregulating the price of books mean't the price dropped massively in the UK and more people of limited means had access to books - that means children and poorer families.

In France, even with the law on your side try getting a refund on faulty items or an exchange and then you'll soon lose the cuddly feeling of supporting these stores.... I was once like you but after been ripped off too many times I soon stopped.

@Mark: Yes, this sadly often true. But for books, are the prices is unchangeable by law, it is the same to buy online or at the Fnac. However, it is always a good idea to have a look inside the Fnac to see what new books are out, and they are very well known in France for their "dossiers techniques", helping you to choose electrical material (laptop, camera, etc.).

@David: It is a great way to prevent them from disappearing. You are right.

@ Shirley: Yes!

I read the PDF also. I look forwards to getting off my phone and into some larger computing device to explore more. Thank you all for sharing. I hope one day I can return the favour.

If I were to live in France I would be aiming to shop local, as I do here in AUS. Support the local economy. As long as the ‘shops’ were French owned.

I read the PDF - Forget FNAC and most other French shops. Amazon UK and other non-French based sites often offer much better prices (and service) with the postage costs costing much less than the savings.

Great to read this David! You will find a lot of free content to improve your French on I especially recommend "Chat in the street" for you. Leave me your email below the video and I'll send it to you!

I am excited. I need all the help I can get. To learn French; not dress like a French woman … Lol

We will definitely want pictures Gregor!

I wouldn't mind learning how to dress like a French woman. But I don't know how my wife will react.

Bonjour Roger!

Thanks for your funny comment. :)

No worries, the language of is mainly "feminine",

But 95% of the content will be of great help to men too!

Check it out. There is a lots of free video lessons for you out there.

Let me know how it goes for you, Roger!

I've started reading, but there was a phrase up front that stopped me dead .... " online

course for women who want to live in France and feel at home". I'll keep reading, optimistically. ;-)