Need some help to catch a stray dog

Hi all,I need some advice about how I can catch a stray dog.

Here's the story.I often take my dog for a walk near a small lake not far from the town centre.I noticed a small terrier type dog on his own,he seems to be in good heath and quite young.I asked several of the people (fishermen, dog walkers etc) I met, about him.Lots of people had already noticed him but nobody seemed to know where he's come from.He's very wary of people and other dogs.Yesterday I tried to get close to him but he was very nervous.

This morning I rang the mairie,apparently they have tried to catch him several times but unsuccessfully.They know who the owners are but they don't want the dog and have left him there to fend for himself (no comment).I went back this morning with a bag of doggy biscuits and after being very patient he was eating them out of my hand but still nervous about any sudden movements and as he has no collar I couldn't get hold of him.A passer-by came to help and he rang the "spa" to help to catch him.However when he arrived the dog freaked out and promptly disappeared.

Has anyone got any tips on how to catch him so at least he will be somewhere safe even if his future will be uncertain.Where he is at the moment is not a secure place for a loose dog,a very busy road etc etc

Thank you

Hi Lynn,I've been back today.The dog was there as usual.I met the "passer by" who helped me yesterday.Apparently yesterday,after I left, he waited around with the SPA man.The dog reappeared so they followed him.He arrived at the dual carriageway, waited for the lights to turn red before crossing,so he obviously does it regularly!!! Anyway, he then went off to the "camp de manouches" at which point the SPA man said who wouldn't go any further and he would have to let it go.This obviously explains why the mairie and/or gendarmes are seemingly reluctant to do anything about him.So he has a sort of home but prefers roaming about all day.I suppose he goes to the lake because there are several dog walkers and also there a few hotels and restaurants and people picnic there in the summer(I imagine he gets scraps)So now I don't really know what to do......Anyway Thank you Lynn

As an individual you cannot trap in a public place, which is where the SPA and/or Gendarmes come in.

However, no one has the right to take a dog knowing the owners are around, if you think, or the mairie thinks it is being mistreated then, again, it is the SPA or Fondations Brigitte Bordot/30 Millions d'amis who can intervene. If you take him, you could get into trouble yourself, so be careful.

Hi Lynn,Hi Les,Thank you for your replies.Lynn,where do I get a trap from? He is in a public place,Is it allowed to set traps in public places? When I rang the mairie this morning they told me that they know who the owner is, but they obviously don’t care about the dog and he would be better off without them.The dog isn’t vicious but he is very scared and he could bite. Les, I managed to get very close today and I will return tomorrow to see what I can do

It requires great patience and you need to put the food out at the same time every day so the dog expects it. It can take weeks to get near to the dog and you need to have a noose type collar and lead that you can quickly put on him. I've done it several times, but it isn't easy, especially if a new person arrives to help, because they will be suspicious of the strange smell. So, if you need two people to carry it out you both need to go each day! Take wet food that has a strong smell. Good luck!

Hi Suzie,

Not really our field but I have consulted about this, as my initial instincts say to get a trap (it is what we do for cats) but you need a large one, fox sized perhaps, but he will bite if scared. You'd need to put food in trap for couple of days before setting it.

HOWEVER - If the mairie knows who the owner is, is it a matter for the gendarmes.