Need someone to paint my apartment in Rouen & I live California. Suggestions?

I am living in California and own a (vacant) apartment in Rouen which needs painting. I've been referred to several French painters, but have had a heck of a time with them. I need to get references, discuss colors, and have them modify the scope of work they have quoted and they simply don't get be in touch with me. Language is a barrier for me.

Any suggestions on how to find someone there?

Many thanks!

I'm further south, Near Poitiers, I can call USA with my landline too, I have sent you my phone no. and we can email too.

Google maps IS my friends, I can see that now!


Found you in Le Mans (thanks to Steve). This sounds very attractive to me. I could put them up, as the apartment is unfurnished. Shall we talk? I could call you (free for me) from California to further discuss.

Most of them gave a town or Dépt N°, googlemaps is your friend.

Jo Blick appears to live below Le Mans, I think she was suggesting her friends could stay at your place whilst doing the work.

As for the map, zoom and click

Now when I (first) looked at the map tab - before hearing this from you - I only saw map markers.


I looked at this link - again, another network for me to dig deeper. I am going to have to figure out how you figured out where people are. My guess is it has to do with the phone prefix -- 35 is Rouen. But I can do an email to each of them to make inquiries. You've given me such a good start. Many thanks.


Oh, goodness! Where are you?

I have a friend here who is an artist/interior designer. She also does all her work herself because she does it better than most people. If your appartement is livable in, or if your budget can stretch to accomodation she might be interested. I also have 2 other local friends, a french couple, who are decorators by trade and kind neigbours. They live a few doors away from me. They are french and speak some english but I would be willing to translate for you. I'm a woodstove renovator and designer myself and am currently waiting for a back operation which, is why I'm not offerring to do the work!

Have a look here, none listed as being in Rouen but they might travel

Look for Map under the Members tab


You have some really creative and good suggestions. I've done some preliminary research and will dig deeper in the next week or so.

Question: how do I find the other two SFNers in Rouen -- I am not sure how to navigate through this site.



I would Google "expats in Rouen" and see if there are other forums out there that have more members in that area than SFN (acc Members Map there are 3 inc you !), then ask for reccomendations.

Or you could contact the Chamber of Commerce ( ) and ask whether they know of any English speaking painters and decorators.

Rouen is only 30mins from Le Havre, I wonder if you could find someone in Southampton that could jump on a ferry and come over for a few days ?