Need something to do?

(Lynda Busby) #1

Ladies, if you are looking for something to do to earn some extra cash, make new friends, improve your French - though not necessary to be a French speaker. with no financial outlay, then please contact me on

(Sandy Whitehead) #2

Hi Lynda,
My email address is

(Lynda Busby) #3

Hi Sandy,

The answer to your question is yes… and your location is great. Please send me your personal e-mail address, to my e-mail address,, and I will be happy to send you further details


(Sandy Whitehead) #4

Hi Lynda

I live just North of Pau, dept 64, my French is far from perfect but I

can manage most of the time. do I assume this an opportunity to become and Avon lady?

Sandy Whitehead