Need to find good homes for puppies

Hi Everyone,

My 2 year old golden Lab has had pups, (not planned) and now I have 4 beautiful lab collie cross pups to give away. All black with wonderful temperament as Mum is a calm and obedient wonderful pet. If anyone would like a puppy, they are 15 weeks old now, please get in touch. Thanks

Hi Jane,

I have just seen where you are located. Its such a shame that it is so far away as we would have loved to have taken one of the puppies, our border collie would have loved the company

Yes we could be interested, we have a collie at the moment. Where abouts are you? We are in Vienne

Thanks, they are lovely and very intelligent. Please pass the word in your area. Thanks

Posted the pic for you Jane as you will get a better response like that! They look gorgeous by the way!