Need to find threaded rod and house ties

Hi All,

My husband and I just bought a house in Provence and we need to fix a large crack that is on the outside of the wall. We have been trying to find out where to by a 1 and 1/8 inch, around 40 foot long (12 meters) threaded rod (like rebar) to put between the two metal ties that will go on the house. I can’t seem to find it any where. We will even go with 3 or 4 smaller bars and weld them together. Can anybody help? We are desperate and have looked everywhere in the provencial region. Does any one deal with metal or have a shop we can buy it from or any other ideas?



Hi again,

Hubby says that the threaded rod usually comes in around 6m lengths, but - like James - says you can weld the threaded ends on to bar and weld bits together to make up the length. Alternatively you could use stainless or galvanised steel cable: If you knew the loads involved he could make you up a cable to that length with whatever ends you wanted on it and send it to you.


Hi Ashley

If you only need threads at the ends of the tie bar could you weld threaded rod to rebar and make them up that way? KDI will probably have heavier gauge rebar than the builders merchants if you need thicker than 10mm.


Hi Ashley,

This is exactly the sort of thing my husband works with (metal and also steel/stainless-steel cables and rigging fittings) so he would probably be able to give you some ideas…at the moment though he’s snoring away in bed so I’ll have to ask him in the morning! I know he uses threaded rod, I’ve seen it in his workshop…he buys a lot of his metal supplies from KDI which has branches all over France. I wouldn’t know if it comes in sizes that long though… I’ll try and give you more info tomorrow. Night night!


Hi Ashley
Nice to ‘meet’ you! I’d suggest you also post this in the renovation group (in the social tab at the top of the page) - best wishes Catharine x